Photo Gallery

Onstage with most of the original cast of Pump Boys and Dinettes in Branson Mo. in 1993
In Miami in !990…with Tommy Lee, Jimmy Petullo, Nancy Hartline and Jeff Egan
Performing with the Lennon Bros. at the Lawrence Welk Theatre in Branson Mo. in 1994
Showcase at Media Play record store in Nashville Tn. pictured is pianist Bruce Dudley, Neil Rosengarden , Trumpet, moi, Joe Caploe , percussion ( guitarist, can’t remember his name)
Playing in Miami,Florida with well known pianist Dolph Castellano and guitarist Neal Bacher approx. 1988
playing at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo NY
Playing at the Pausa Art House in Buffalo NY in 2013
hanging out at a fish fry at Mel Tillis’s house in Branson Mo. while working for Mel in 1995
performing with Kelly Bucheger and What would Mingus Do at the Pausa Art House in Buffalo NY in 2014

Buried in the music while performing with Mary Wilson in 2013 in Niagara Falls NY