Mark’s Work

2010s  doing a variety of live work , online sessions and recording sessions in Western New York , NYC and Austin Tx.

Pops concerts with the Western New York Chamber Orchestra, performing live with Kelly Bucheger (saxophonist) live shows with artists such as Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon and Mary Wilson. recording sessions with Cayman Island based band HiTide, recording with the Mind Orchestra, (British based online recording group) recording with Russian keyboard player/composer Vadim...recording and live performance with Buffalo based guitarist Bobby Lebel, singer/songwriter John Culiton Mahoney and latin percussionist Wendell Rivera, recorded various projects at Congress House studios in Austin Texas


2000s  during this time period splitting time between Austin Texas and Buffalo NY. with various projects in NYC,  various projects with DaVido , New Jersey based singer/songwriter, performances in Austin Texas with Papa Mali, former member of the "Killer Bees", recorded various projects with Austin based guitarist John Inmon and drummer Paul Pearcy.